The bike-sharing program of Zu Peshawar BRT will be unique of its kind in Pakistan

The bike-sharing program of Zu Peshawar BRT will be unique of its kind in Pakistan

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It will help passengers cover the last mile distance between different stops acting as feeder route.

“Bike-sharing feature of the Peshawar BRT project uniquely identifies it from other BRT projects. It’s not fair to compare different BRT projects in Pakistan as all different projects have its own features and limitations but surely Peshawar BRT will be adding a new feature of bike-sharing”, said TransPeshawar representative in a statement issued today.

A separate bike-lane is being constructed along the whole 28-kilometer corridor. To rent-out and return the bicycle, travelers will be using same Zu fare card which they will be using for buses. With a feature of the one-size-fits-all design, the bicycles will be using a step-through frame, so that its gender neutral and both men and women can utilize these without any hindrance. A step-through frame bicycle is more appropriate as per the cultural needs of women in Peshawar, for easy riding.

A total of 360 bicycles are planned to be purchased. All bicycles will have easily adjustable seat posts which can be adjusted for different heights of riders. To ensure the safety of riders during low light conditions, bicycles will have an automatic LED light and reflectors. Further to enhance the safety of riders, bicycles will be chainless and safe pedals will be used. Special care will be taken to enclose as many components as possible.

We understand that the culture of borrowing bicycles and safely returning after use will be new to the public but a distinctive reward system has been built in the web / mobile/ system apps to encourage good behaviors. For example, customers who take bicycles from relatively full stations or return bicycles to relatively empty stations will be rewarded. Also, all efforts will be made to manufacture these bicycles via using unique parts and components to discourage theft. Three trucks will also be deployed throughout the system to redistribute cycles where demand is high.

Once customers are registered in the system, they can utilize the Zu fare card, customer website or system app to access their credentials, which will be interlinked. The terminal bicycle kiosks will also have a facility for customers to view the status of their card. In addition, a high-level of customer support will be provided. In addition, passengers can also rent Bicycle through Mobile App.

The bicycle sharing system will have bicycle stands at each stations and at popular locations /attractions along the corridor to facilitate Zu passengers. For example, there will be several bicycle stands in Peshawar University campus to facilitate students to access different institutions and facilities after getting off the Zu bus at BRT station.

TransPeshawar is a company set up under section 42 of the Company’s Act, 2017, and is responsible operation and maintenance of Bus Rapid Transit in Peshawar.

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