BRT Features

The Peshawar BRT project is a major undertaking not just in the development of the physical infrastructure of the city but as a catalyst for urban regeneration and growth. Successful completion of the project will lead to greater economic activity and prosperity as well as providing the people, who live, work and visit the city a world-class transport service.


So how is a BRT system different to the existing buses providing services in Peshawar and most importantly, how will a BRT system improve the lives of people in the city?


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high quality high capacity transport system, which provides fast, efficient, reliable and comfortable mode of transport for the travelers. In a BRT system, the buses travel in a dedicated corridor and avoid the congestion on the road. BRT also provides improved waiting facilities and supporting infrastructure for passengers such as e-ticketing and real time information about bus schedules.

Essentially the Peshawar BRT System will be a high quality bus rapid transit system. Which will provide fast, efficient, reliable and comfortable public transport system to the masses. and cost effective urban mobility through the provision of segregated right-of-way infrastructure offering a rapid and frequent service.

  • 26 Kilometer Main Corridor
  • 15 KM at Grade
  • 8 KM Flyover
  • 3 KM Underpass
  • 31 Stations
  • Avg. distance between station 850m
  • 3 Bus Depots (Should be represented in infographics at Chamkani, Hayatabad, and Dabgari)
  • 3 Park and Ride Facility
  • Bicycle lane
  • Complete revamp of Footpaths
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Fast Journey
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • 3rd Generation
  • 5 Feeder routes

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