ZU Card

The ZU Card will be available at the terminals on 21st June 2019.

The ZU Card is a reusable plastic smart card that makes paying fares faster, easier and more secure. The fare card acts like a digital wallet that is reloadable.

ZU Card’s many benefits include convenience to add balance to your card in person or online as well as balance protection in case your card is ever lost or stolen.

The ZU card has many benefits including the convenience to add value on your card in person or online, balance protection when registered to ensure your money is safe if your card is ever lost or stolen, and the flexibility to load one or more BRT fare products on your card to suit your needs.

Getting a ZU Card

You can buy ZU Card from BRT
Stations across Peshawar

Topping Up

Add balance to your ZU Card and
pay as you go around Peshawar

Tracking your Expenses

Check your journey history to ensure
that you were charged the correct fare

Tapping In and Out

Always touch the card reader at the start
and end of your journey to pay the correct fare

As a special promotion, BRT will be distributing the ZU Card card for free! When the new fare card is introduced, customers will pay only to load stored value on their card or add a pass. In the future, BRT may charge a small fee for the card.

Using your ZU Card on conventional buses

To pay your fare with the ZU card, hold your card level and square against the blue/green smart card target on the bottom right corner of the farebox. A single “ding” sound means your tap and payment was successful. A double tone means your tap was unsuccessful or your card doesn’t have a valid fare.

A 90-minute transfer is automatically loaded on your card when you pay your fare.If you transfer to another bus within 90 minutes, the farebox will read your transfer. The farebox will ding and the display will show “Transfer Adult.”