Passenger Services

TransPeshawar aims to provide best of transport services for its commuters. To use the services, all passengers need to understand our Zu system.

To plan your travel well, we suggest you to: –

  1. Registration for Card,
  2. Registration for Zu Bicycle Membership,
  3. get your Zu Card and/or download Zu app as soon as possible,
  4. learn how to recharge Zu Card or Zu App,
  5. understand Zu route maps & how to plan journey,
  6. stay updated of fares, and
  7. learn how to use our Zu system (both buses and bicycles).

Registration for Free Card

  1. Initially, for four months starting from date notified by Chief Executive Officer TransPeshawar, the ZU Cards shall be given free to passenger’s subject to the conditions that free cards are not more than 400,000.
  2. One person shall get maximum of one free ZU card.
  3. Passengers intends to get free Zu Card must bring Computerized National Identity Card or Child Registration Certificate or Juvenile Card.
  4. Issue one card to passenger after NADRA biometric verification system.
  5. Free card shall be issued to only those passengers who are willing to load PKR.100 balance at time of receiving of free card.


  1. Zu Card shall not be active for use of Bicycle by default.
  2. Passengers intends to use Zu Bicycle Sharing System shall activate Membership at nearest Zu Station. Membership can also be cancelled at Zu Stations.
  3. Passengers are required to do Biometric verification and sign Agreement for Terms and Condition for use of Bicycles.
  4. Bicycle Membership requires Computerized National Identity Card.
  5. Use of Bicycle under age 18 are not allowed.
  6. Foreign national intends to use Bicycle Sharing System shall deposit a refundable Security of Rs. 5000 per Membership along with copy of passport or other legal document to stay in Pakistan. Security shall be returned upon cancellation in a period notified by Chief Executive Officer, TransPeshawar.

How to get Zu Card and /or download Zu App

  1. Passengers can Purchase Zu Card from Ticket Office/Counter or Ticket Vending Machine installed at Zu Stations at a price of PKR. 150 per Card. The purchase of Zu Card does not require mandatory registration. Please see video how to purchase Zu Card……..
  2. Passenger(s) can download Zu Mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store free of cost. Passenger(s) shall complete registration form to activate Zu Mobile App on their Mobile for use in Zu Peshawar.
  3. Same Zu Card and Mobile App can be used both for Zu Bicycle and Zu Buses.
  4. Passenger shall be responsible for lost and stolen card.

How to Recharge ZU Card and Zu App:

  1. Passenger can recharge their Zu Card or Virtual Zu Card at Ticket counter in Stations or through self-serving at Ticket Vending Machine installed in Stations with no additional fee. Please see how to recharge card at ticket office or Ticket Vending Machine.
  2. Zu Card and Zu Mobile App (Virtual Card) can also be recharged at JazzCash franchise, easypaisa franchise, JazzCash Mobile App, Easypaisa App and online banking mechanism against a fee in accordance with their respective policy. Easypaisa will charge 1% of the charge amount. Please see the video…….