About TransPeshawar

TransPeshawar (The Urban Mobility Company) established under section 42 of public company, Companies Act, 2017 owned by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. TransPeshawar was formally established / registered with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan on February 9, 2017. TransPeshawar is governed by Board of Directors (BODs) headed by a Chairman.

TransPeshawar is responsible for implementation, operation, management and maintenance of projects assigned by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Urban Mobility Authority (KPUMA). Following projects are assigned to TransPeshawar by KPUMA: –

  • Operation and Maintenance of Peshawar BRT along with procurement of buses, procurement of system control goods and implementation of Bus Industry Restructuring Program


To provide exceptional and best possible transport services to the citizens of Peshawar and KPK.


Provide a safe, convenient, economical, reliable, time efficient and swift public transport system for Peshawar.


Our code of conduct reflects to a large degree, our level of commitment to our mission and our values. The key metrics are:

  1. Commitment to service – at all times we commit ourselves to delivering our Vision and adherence to our values. If we observe an emerging event which will or may have a negative impact on our performance or on that of the passengers, we let our fellow team members know so that appropriate measures can be taken to address the matter.
  2. Accountability– let us all acknowledge our responsibility to assist in achieving our Vision. Each has a role to play and for this, we are accountable for our actions or non-actions. Therefore, be proactive and seek to deliver excellence in every-thing we do.
  3. Law abiding – we all comply with the local and National laws and regulations both in spirit and to the letter. In this respect, we conduct our business with honesty and integrity.
  4. Leadership – we have the opportunity to provide leadership in managing the first third generation BRT system in West Asia. Let us not waste this opportunity. For the company, team leadership will be inclusive and as per our values so that all are encouraged to excel in their specific areas of responsibility.
  5. Understanding – we will strive to fully understand the latest best practice standards of urban mobility planning, implementation, operations, monitoring and maintenance. For this, we shall convene regular team training sessions where latest trends and innovations are shared so that where relevant, such innovations can be applied to our operations.
  6. Trust – we as professionals require trust and must offer it in return. It is a two-way street. For this, honesty is the underpinning principle we will follow in order to maintain this trust. If we are not aware of an issue, or are not able to find an answer to a problem or an issue, admit it and in accordance with our Company values, the relevant assistance will be provided in a co-operative and inclusive manner as per our Company values.
  7. Empathy and Tolerance – for many of us, a financially sustainable third generation BRT system is a new experience. So, let us all recognise this and display the degree of empathy and tolerance needed during the initial period of Company establishment and BRT operations so that we are all able to work with the necessary commitment, be innovative and results oriented.