About TransPeshawar

CDIA (City Development Initiatives for Asia) in 2014 provided support to the GoKP to assist with the institutional legislation and framework and link the Peshawar BRT to ADB financing. This was completed in December 2014, this TA (Technical Assistance) provided to GoKP with draft Legislation and supporting documentation for the establishment of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Urban Mobility Authority (KPUMA) and the TransPeshawar Company (TPC).

As a result of the above the Government of Khyber Pahtunkhwa (GoKP) in order to take a strategic approach to urban development including the introduction of a modern BRT system, has put in place a robust institutional framework. The GoKP has streamlined the institutional framework by passing legislation in the Provincial Assembly establishing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Urban Mobility Authority (KPUMA) and the TransPeshawar Company (The Urban Mobility Company). KPUMA has province-wide remit and is responsible for the development of policies and regulations, planning, coordination, project preparation and funding for all projects related to urban transport system including mass transit, parking, non-motorised transport (NMT) etc. KPUMA board includes representatives from all major municipal and provincial government agencies. TransPeshawar is intended to be responsible for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project design, procurement, implementation, on-going BRT operations and service contract management. In addition TransPeshawar Company also has its own Board of Directors.

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