TransPeshawar Overview

About Our Projects

Peshawar BRT project, which is branded as “Zu Peshawar”, is one of the mega project assigned by KPUMA to TransPeshawar. The Zu Peshawar includes a network of seven routes on which 220 buses will operate as well include a network of Bicycle Sharing System. Main features of the Peshawar BRT System are as follows: –

  • Main Route Length – 27 Km (From Chamkani to Karkhano Market)
  • Number of Routes: 07 (Five: Direct Routes, One Stopping Route and One Express Route)
  • BRT Stations – 30
  • Number of Depots: 02 (Hayatabad & Chamkani)
  • Number of Buses (Diesel/ Hybrid Buses) – 220
  1. 18-meter Buses: 65 (Capacity: 125 (54 +71)
  2. 12-meter Buses: 155 (Seating Capacity:75 (32+43)
  • Number of Bicycle Sharing Stations: 32
  • Number of Bicycles: 360
  • Mobile App (for finding location of buses/Cycles and payment of fare/rent)
  • Commercial Properties: 03 (Dabgari, Hayatabad, Chamkani)

The Civil Work and Electrical /Mechanical works of the project are executed by Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) while the following components of the project are executed by TransPeshawar.

  • Procurement of Bus Fleet and Hiring of Companies for operation
  • Automated Fare Collection
  • Intelligent Transport System (Vehicle Location System, Passenger Information System etc.)
  • Bicycle Sharing System
  • Station Management Services
  • Bus Industry Restructuring Program

TransPeshawar will operate the “Zu Peshawar” once the civil works are completed and handed over by PDA to TransPeshawar.

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