Operation Hours (Schedule)

TransPeshawar aims to run the Zu service around 16 hours a day starting from 6 am to 10 pm. The service timings are based on the travel needs of local’s needs of commuters in the region. Passengers will be keep updated on our website, social media or our mobile app for any change in operation hours and headway.

Route Number Route Service Hour Headway (Frequency)
EXP1 Express Route – Main Corridor 6 am


10 pm

Every four minutes
SR02 Stopping Route – Main Corridor Every four minutes
DR03 Shah Alam Pul – Kohat Adda Every 10 minutes
DR04 Mall of Chamkani – Pistakhara Chowk Every 10 minutes
DR05 Mall of Hayatabad – Phase 6 Terminal Every 10 minutes
DR06 Mall of Hayatabad – Phase 7 Terminal Every 10 minutes
DR07 Karkhano Market – Phase 7 Terminal Every 10 minutes