Frequently Asked Questions

The following items present questions and answers that are recommended to compose the Peshawar BRT system’s FAQ.

Zu Peshawar is the name of the BRT System of Peshawar. The name Zu was chosen because it means “Let’s go Peshawar!” in Pushto. On the logo, there is a clear reference to the petals of a flower, relating it with Peshawar, known as “the city of flowers”. The colors – marron and green – represents human warmth and the idea of an environmentally friendly system.

Zu Peshawar will operate 16 hours a day starting from 6 AM to 10 PM, seven day a week. For more details please see our service hours.

Zu Peshawar has 30 stations, 244 buses, 360 bicycles and 32 bicycle stations.

Please visit our page for details.

Zu Card can be purchased at Zu Stations for Rs. 300 per card.

The downloading of Zu App is free of cost.

The balance or Zu Card has no expiry.

Yes, the same Zu Card work both on Zu Buses and Bicycles. However, for Bicycles, the passengers are required to activate their card. Please see How to Use our System.

Passengers can recharge/top-up your Zu Card at Zu Ticketing booths at stations, Ticket vending machines at Zu stations, Online banking system and easypaisa /JazzCash franchises.

Banking system and easypaisa/ JazzCash will charge for using their services at their prescribed prices.

In case the passenger does not have a Zu card or Zu app, they can avail the service by purchasing a Single Journey Ticket through cash payment. However, this option can only be availed on on-corridor routes and is not available on feeder routes.

No, the validator will show negative fare and raise a beep sound. Passengers will not be allowed to leave the station until the fare is paid.

The app is available at App Store and can be downloaded for both ios and android phones.

Passengers are advised to take care of their Zu Card. There is no refund if the Zu Card is stolen or lost. Balance can be transferred for card which are registered against NIC.

If a Zu card that is inoperable due to a technical fault, the staff at ticket officer shall replace faulty Zu Card free of charge and transfer the stored value balance, if any, to new card and return to passenger within maximum of five working days.

Passengers can also return broken card at Zu Station, and purchase a new one. If there is existing balance in the broken card, it will be transferred to your new card.

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Passengers can use Zu Card or Zu App to pay their fare. They can also purchase a Single Journey Ticket, which can only be used for one journey.

Passengers can use journey planner to know in advance about the fare to be charged.

Please see How to Use our Zu Bicycles and Video guides.

The fare deduced will be displayed at fare validators (machines on which you tap your card to enter/exit system or pay your fare). Also, on our website, Ticket Machine, our website as well as via Zu app, the passengers can view the history of fare deducted.

Zu Peshawar has the following facilities for their passengers: –

  • Wi-Fi access;
  • USB-ports;
  • Air Conditioner System;
  • Woman Area;
  • Reserved seats for elderly and people with disabilities;
  • Wheelchair access;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Mobile Application for real time information
  • Pay fare via mobile app / online
  • Bicycles for last mile connectivity

Please read respective code of conduct for details of travel conditions.

Yes, the Parking facilities are planned at Chamkani stations, Dabgari and Mall of Hayatabad.

All the Zu Peshawar’s vehicles will be fully inclusive, allowing everyone to access the system. Public information systems, escalators & elevators, low floor buses and separate section for women are few of the key features to ensure inclusion of all.

Yes, its mandatory to tap Zu Card both at exit and entry otherwise maximum of the fare will be charged. Failure to tap Zu card in Bicycle docking will lead to blocking of card. Passenger need to unblock Zu card at Kiosk.

Insufficient credit, blocked or damaged Zu Card and non-authorized possession of someone else’s Zu Card can block your access.