Frequently Asked Questions

The following items present questions and answers that are recommended to compose the Peshawar BRT system’s FAQ.

Zu Peshawar is the name of the BRT System of Peshawar. The name Zu was chosen because it means “Let’s go Peshawar!” in Pushto. On the logo, there is a clear reference to the petals of a flower, relating it with Peshawar, known as “the city of flowers”. The colors – marron and green – represents human warmth and the idea of an environmentally friendly system.

Zu Peshawar will operate 16 hours a day starting from 6 AM to 10 PM, seven day a week. For more details please see our service hours.

Zu Peshawar has 30 stations, 220 buses, 360 bicycles and 32 bicycle stations.

Please visit our page for details.

For initial three months before operations, the Zu card is free of cost per person. However, after lapse of three months, the passenger can purchase card at a price of Rs. 150 per card.

The downloading of Zu App is free of cost.

The balance or Zu Card has no expiry.

Yes, the same Zu Card work both on Zu Buses and Bicycles. However, for Bicycles, the passengers are required to activate their card. Please see How to Use our System.