ZU Bus System

Our Logo:

The Peshawar BRT system also known as “Zu Peshawar” in Pashto, meaning “Let’s Go Peshawar”, has a logo that references the city’s nickname as “the city of flowers”. The logo is designed to resemble flower petals that symbolize the freedom of movement that people will experience while using the system. Moreover, the petals represent the eco-friendly practices of the BRT system, which is one of its key benefits.

The chosen logo features the letter “P” for Peshawar and a stylized roadway that conveys the concept of movement. The colour scheme of the logo includes maroon, which represents human warmth and vibrancy, and green, which is the national colour and evokes the idea of being environmentally friendly.

Zu Buses

TransPeshawar operates Zu buses on 13 different routes across the city, with a total of 244 buses, 30 on-corridor stations and 200 off-corridor bus stops. Some of the key features of the system are:

• 244 diesel-hybrid buses

• 27 km of dedicated corridor

• 84 km of off-corridor coverage in the City

• 13 total routes

• 30 on-corridor stations and 200 off-corridor bus stops

• 4 Express routes and 1 Super Express Route

• Universally accessible system, with elevators, escalators and ramps on all stations

• Dedicated seats, waiting areas, and bus entrances for women

• Dedicated seats for Transgenders

• Card Recharge facilities at stations, through mobile app, jazz cash and easy paisa

• CCTV monitoring of all stations and buses

• Free WiFi on buses and stations

• Passenger Complaint System