Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan, Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar (UoP) and CEO TransPeshawar, Fayyaz Ahmed Khan, inked an MoU for enabling Zu Bicycle Sharing System at UoP Campus yesterday.  Senior officials of UoP and TransPeshawar staff were also present on the occasion.

One of the oldest and largest educational institute in Peshawar with 47 departments, UoP is a key partner of Zu Bicycle sharing system, where Zu stands will be established, all across the campus. University students once get down from the Zu buses (Peshawar BRT buses), can rent out Zu bicycles from the stands at University using Zu Card. Once they reach to their final destination/ department and they can return the bicycle at the dock station closer to their final destination. To rent out bicycles, they will be using same Zu card they already used for travelling in bus.

As per MoU, UoP will provide requisite space and facilitation for Zu bicycles, docks, kiosks and allied equipment, while TransPeshawar will procure, install, run, manage and maintain the overall Zu bicycle sharing system in the university.

Facilitated by a mobile app (Zu App), the bike-sharing system is a unique feature of the Peshawar BRT project. These bicycles have a step-through frame, making these gender neutral so that both men and women can use these. A total of 360 Zu bicycles are purchased for Peshawar BRT. With one-size-fits-all design, the bicycles have easily adjustable seat posts (that can be fixed for different heights). To ensure the safety of riders during low light conditions, bicycles will have automatic LED lights and reflectors. In addition, Zu bicycles are chainless with solid airless tires and safe pedals.