• Passenger(s) who wants to avail the ZU Bicycle Sharing System must register as member in accordance with ZU Bicycle Registration policy notified by TransPeshawar.
  • Passenger intends to avail Zu Bicycle shall activate Bicycle on their Zu Card/Zu App and also register as Member.
  • Membership can be done against National Identity Card or Passport. Passenger(s) are also required to deposit a refundable security of Rs……. to become member of ZU Bicycle Sharing System.
  • After membership, the Zu Card and Zu App shall have sufficient value for the entire trip. Passenger shall not be allowed to enter the ZU Bicycle Sharing System, if the Fare Media has insufficient balance (less than Rs.20) or loan in ZU Card or ZU Mobile App before start of journey.
  • To release Bicycle from Docks, Passenger shall tap the Fare Media on Validator/ Docks. Passenger while docking the Bicycle shall again tap the ZU card on Validator /Docks. Passenger shall tap ZU card both at entry and exit of ZU Bicycle Sharing System. Failure to tap ZU card at exit of ZU Bicycle Sharing System or in case of loan the card will be blocked. Passenger shall reset Card at Kiosk to pay loan and prescribed penalty, if any.
  • In case of ZU Mobile App, only tap at entry is required while releasing Bicycle from dock.
  • System will measure the time and deduct the fare/usage fee in accordance with relevant stage.
  • If the available balance in Fare Media is less than the amount to be deducted, passenger(s) will be allowed to dock the Bicycle with remaining amount as loan on one-time basis